Sunday, June 22, 2008

Marc Broussard

Ben and I went to the Marc Broussard concert in Nashville the other night and I must say I had a less than pleasant experience. The opening band lacked material and talent and there were a couple songs that did not work, at all. The guitar part and the vocals did not fit with the keys or drums. It clashed. The lead singer had a decent voice, but I was just not very impressed.

The venue was jam packed. As soon as Marc Broussard came on it got worse. There was a lady behind me who was much shorter than me and complained that I was in her way but there was no where for me to move. So she decided to grind on me throughout the entire concert, disgusting. Then there was a couple who squeezed right in front of me, completely trashed and all over each other. They had no regard for personal space either. Needless to say I couldn't breathe and I got sick. That's all I am going to say about that. (Never used to be that way but anxiety can cause anything.)

The actual concert, I barely remember. Marc Broussard is obviously a talented artist and entertainer. But it was hard to enjoy the music with the sound mix the way it was. You'd think sound would not be as much of an issue in Nashville with the wealth of talented sound engineers, but it still happens.

Overall, not such a good night or experience for me. Pretty sure I'll be hanging out in the back of Nashville venues so I can properly enjoy, or critique, a concert in the future.