Monday, May 31, 2010

Wrapping up May

May has been a busy month. Although, I'm not so sure there is such thing as a slow month after having a baby. Not that its a bad thing, there is just always something to do. It's not like you can take a day off from being a mom. :)

Our garden survived the flood that came a day after we planted. Yes we have some things coming up all over, and we aren't really sure which are weeds and which are veggies but overall it is looking fabulous! I have picked several radishes and some of the other plants are starting to flower which is a good sign! (More on the beauty of a radish later. So many things they are good for!)

The ants are (mostly) gone...for now. My mother-in-law brought some Terro Syrup and basically they eat it and take it back to their colony and they all die. It sounds cruel, but keeping a clean kitchen where I can cook for my family and friends is super important to me.

A lot of my friends have been asking me to share some of my money saving tips. There are places for this all over the internet; people who devote an entire blog to a specific ways to save money. I can't and don't want to compete with that. So I will share what I do and what I know from time to time, but I will also make reference of other resources for more specific, in depth information.

We visited a civil war battlefield today. There wasn't much to see, but being there really made me feel like I was connected to history. It's really interesting to be on the other side of the civil war and find out that it really didn't have much to do with what I was taught. I don't want to get into the politics, but it's amazing how moving several states south will change your perspective on things.

So basically in May I...witnessed a disaster in my own city that affected my neighbors and friends...killed several hundred ants...watched my garden grow...watched my baby roll around...chased her as she tried to grab everything she could find (even things I didn't see until they were in her hands)...started couponing...found out my next door neighbor is from close to where I grew up...went 3 nights in a row with no more than 2 hours of sleep per night (teething is tough)...visited a civil war battlefield...lost 4 lbs...made 2 fancy cakes...decided I might (not have a choice but to) start my own business...entertained my wonderful in-laws...watched the season finale of LOST...and well...I could go on, but I will spare you ;)

Hope your May was as full of blessings and surprises as mine!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple things

Sometimes I really miss being a child. They have so much fun and are free-spirited. They have energy and the simplest things amuse them.

I love watching my girl discover new things. Everything is so exciting for her! She laughs hysterically when we scare her and thinks washcloths are way more fun than her toys.

The newest, most interesting thing is a word she made up. We are working on "Dadda" and somehow, after much intense thought, she came up with "BAH." It's not like all the other jibber jabber. It is an intent, thought out, very serious "BAH." My girl is so proud of herself that she gives us a coy smile after she says the "word."

And out of all the new milestones she's reached as of late, rolling everywhere, getting into everything, walking while I hold her hands, turning around, I have to admit that "BAH" is my favorite. ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Ants go marching one by one...

I grew up in the country, in the middle-of-no-where surrounded by trees and fields and one house across the street. Okay so that eventually turned into more homes, but you get my drift. There were bugs and critters and I was okay with them...

Now I have my own house, my own kitchen, walls, floors, and for some reason the bugs have REALLY taken to it. In particular, the ants and spiders. I can deal with the spiders, although screaming does occur on occasion, but the ants? I WANT THEM ALL TO DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH. PETA will probably come after me for saying that, but bugs belong outside. They don't belong on my floors and they REALLY don't belong on my countertops. I try to keep it crumb free, but with two dogs, a baby, and a hubby it's nearly impossible.

I've tried the terro traps and the baby powder and vinegar spray but nothing seems to be working. They come back in herds! YUCK.

I guess it could be worse... There could be snakes or ducks or possums or mice,... (Not that I EVER saw these in our home growing up) ;)

Back to the googles for help and if I can't get rid of them, I guess we'll have to splurge and hire The Bug Man again. :(