Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Ants go marching one by one...

I grew up in the country, in the middle-of-no-where surrounded by trees and fields and one house across the street. Okay so that eventually turned into more homes, but you get my drift. There were bugs and critters and I was okay with them...

Now I have my own house, my own kitchen, walls, floors, and for some reason the bugs have REALLY taken to it. In particular, the ants and spiders. I can deal with the spiders, although screaming does occur on occasion, but the ants? I WANT THEM ALL TO DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH. PETA will probably come after me for saying that, but bugs belong outside. They don't belong on my floors and they REALLY don't belong on my countertops. I try to keep it crumb free, but with two dogs, a baby, and a hubby it's nearly impossible.

I've tried the terro traps and the baby powder and vinegar spray but nothing seems to be working. They come back in herds! YUCK.

I guess it could be worse... There could be snakes or ducks or possums or mice,... (Not that I EVER saw these in our home growing up) ;)

Back to the googles for help and if I can't get rid of them, I guess we'll have to splurge and hire The Bug Man again. :(


Anna M. said...

My bro once had a raccoon....or maybe a possum ? ANyway, it wandered into his house during a party. And then the poor animal didn't want to leave.

In Louisiana, people get lizards in their curtains....LIZARDS.

But ants are the worst of all, I agree.

Danae said...

When I was about 10 I found a garden snake in the glass cupboard when I was doing dishes. Naturally, I screamed but I got over it. It was one little snake... The ants are non-stop, tons of them... Thank God they're only on half of my kitchen so far... I just bleached the floor, bleached all the counter tops, sprayed vinegar all over the counter tops, reset the traps, poured cayenne pepper by the door, and set bay leaves everywhere. I hope something works... like IMMEDIATELY.