Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple things

Sometimes I really miss being a child. They have so much fun and are free-spirited. They have energy and the simplest things amuse them.

I love watching my girl discover new things. Everything is so exciting for her! She laughs hysterically when we scare her and thinks washcloths are way more fun than her toys.

The newest, most interesting thing is a word she made up. We are working on "Dadda" and somehow, after much intense thought, she came up with "BAH." It's not like all the other jibber jabber. It is an intent, thought out, very serious "BAH." My girl is so proud of herself that she gives us a coy smile after she says the "word."

And out of all the new milestones she's reached as of late, rolling everywhere, getting into everything, walking while I hold her hands, turning around, I have to admit that "BAH" is my favorite. ;)

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