Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I was that mom

Today I was that mom.

You know the one I'm talking about.

The mom who takes up the single stall bathroom for 20 minutes and all you can hear are screams and pleas on the other side of the door. (My child was screaming. I was pleading for her to use the potty and then come with us back out of the bathroom. It didn't go well)

The mom whose child collapsed on the floor inside and outside of the store(s), and who stood there completely stumped as to what to do to convince her 3 year old to get off the floor.

I was the mom whose child hiked up her dress to put on the brand new panties that she bought her right at the register. (There was a tiny trickle in the last pair and the pretty 3 year old refused to touch them so the mom had to buy new ones.)

I was the mom whose 3 year old screamed in the car for 30 minutes (yes THIRTY) because she didn't want to eat the chicken and fries that she begged for because a. they were in the wrong container and b. there was just not enough. 

The mom who had a child standing in the back of the cart through the entire store screaming. 

The mom who you thought might drop one of her children because she was carrying BOTH of them in her arms along with a shopping bag. 

The one whose baby had nothing but a diaper on in Target. (It was due to a major blow out diaper and missing spare clothing.)

I was that mom. I am that mom. I am not perfect. I do the best that I can and unfortunately, I did not have the luxury today of just driving 30 minutes back home without running my errands. There were things I needed and knew I wouldn't have the chance to get back out and get them. The things I wanted fell by the wayside, of course, but I HAD to get a couple things.

If you are out and about and see that mom, please think twice before judging her. It's true what they say, after all, that you should "never judge a man until you walk a mile in their shoes." I will admit that pre-children, I probably would have wondered why that mom couldn't "keep her kids in line," but now I know that no matter how good of a mom you are, your child is going to have bad days just like everyone else. It seems like they have more of them at the age of 3 than prior years, but they are human just like you! ;)

And if you are a mom and feel like you might be that mom one day, you aren't alone and you will get through it. Deep breaths, prayers, chocolate, and nap/bed time.