Friday, April 23, 2010


As far as husband's go, I think mine is pretty amazing. He is thoughtful, kind, and generous and he works his tail off going to school full time and working more than full time so that I can stay home with our little girl. He's not perfect and sometimes I complain about him when I really shouldn't but overall I think I basically hit the jackpot. :)

My husband is the best gift giver...ever and somehow manages to find money outside of our normal income/budget to get me nice things. He got me a day at the spa for our anniversary back in November. I guess after carrying a baby for 9 (10) months relaxation is somewhat necessary, although difficult to find time for. He even said he would watch the munchkin while I went for 4/5 hours!

So it's been 5 months and I FINALLY decided to use my gift certificate. Holy moly was it ever wonderful and exactly what I needed. 5 hours of being pampered from head to toe and treated like a queen. Everyone needs/deserves/SHOULD do this at some point, if not once every year or 2. My day ended with a yummy frappuccino from Starbucks thanks to a giftcard from my friend for my bday!

And on top of everything, my girl was apparently an angel for the hubs. You know, the same girl that has been screaming non-stop for 3 days for mommy... At least maybe he'll watch her again without hesitation. :)

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Above all Else: Love said...

thats awesome!!! glad you got blessedd!!!

-Kerri Phillips