Saturday, April 10, 2010

One of my favorites...

We have a store in the area that sells products at least half off of their retail price, called "Liquidation Outlet". Sometimes this store has specials when they get an abundance of certain items. And sometimes they have specials plus "half off days" (an extra 50% off everything in the store). Today you could purchase hot/cold humidifiers for $2, coffee makers for $5, nice filing cabinets for $2.50, Wii remotes for $9 and the list goes on...and on...and on. Usually the only problem with the items is that the box is a little warped.

"Liquidation Outlet" has quickly become my FAVORITE store because I can get things that would normally hurt the bank account for super cheap. And I can try things without feeling guilty for spending a ton of money on them. It's wonderful. And the fun and even more addicting part is that their inventory is constantly changing and they never know when they're going to get a new truck full of goodies.

Sure liquidation stores get a bad rap, but this place is run by, from what I understand, a great family who really cares about their customers. The employees are all friendly and helpful and you simply can not beat the prices.

It is such a blessing to find a place that is well run and inexpensive and it makes me wonder if this is a rare concept or if there are other stores like this in different areas.

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