Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rediscovering Me

Having a baby changes things, period. I like to tell myself that its not much different than when it was just my husband and I, but it's not. I was blessed with a great baby. She sleeps A LOT and she's pretty calm most of the time. My hubby and I still go out from time to time and we still spend a lot of time with each other. Instead of racing off to work 45 minutes away every day, I get to roll out of bed, grab my munchkin, roll back into bed, let her eat and drift off for another hour or 2 before the day really begins.

Being home with her is really quite lovely. Being home to take care of the house and try new recipes is also wonderful. But now that I pretty much live from feeding time to nap time and play time, who am I? What is my identity? I'm a mom and a wife, but who am I as a person? What am I doing for me?

I don't want to become a robot. I don't want to get frustrated or go stir crazy. I don't want to lose myself.

So my goal this week is to take 30 minutes each day for me. I'm not talking about T.V. time or computer time or cooking out of enjoyment. I'm talking about brewing a cup of coffee or pouring a glass of wine and soaking in a steamy bubble bath, or reading a good book, or journaling. Being still.

Even though you or I may enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning, feeding, bathing, and all of our daily tasks taking the time for ourselves is SO important. I'm going to forget about the dishes and the laundry for 30 minutes a day and relax. Hopefully in that time I will remember that I am still me. :)

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