Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mixed Emotions...Sister getting married edition

Today started out with cuddles from my sweet little E. What better way to start the day than cuddling your babe? Then I made some white whole wheat raspberry pancakes and we enjoyed them; E with her milk and me with my coffee.

I find myself avoiding the inevitable. My sister, whom I've only recently developed a really great friendship with, is getting married. I have to pack. I have to vacuum my car. I have to get ready. I have to go to Ohio and then on to New York. She IS getting married.

I shouldn't feel weird by this. Her and her fiance have been together as long as my husband and I. (A couple weeks longer according to my sister who doesn't let that slide.) Her future husband is a great guy and I'm so glad my sister has found her soulmate.

But despite all we have been through, how many fights we've had, and how many great memories we've made, she is still my sister. And my sister is about to make one of the biggest, best, most exciting, and scariest changes one can make.

Despite the weird feeling I have, I am thrilled for my sister and her fiance. I know they will make each other really happy and they've been looking forward to this day for a long time. I am so proud of my sister.

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