Monday, April 20, 2009

The reason I haven't been posting... It's good, I promise

Aside from work, being a wife, chasing 2 pups with soap and water, house hunting, and planning my big wedding, there is a really good explanation as to why I've been MIA lately.

You see, I found out not too long ago that I have a little one growing inside me! Yep, I'm 15 weeks preggers with my first baby! For some of you lucky preggo ladies, you can go about your daily business with little to no interuption. Although I can not say my nausea, heartburn, and migraines have been nearly as bad as some others, they have definitely been a struggle.

I am NOT superwoman as much as I'd like to be and therefore blogging sort of hit the back burner.

BUT now that I've hit my second trimester and I clearly have a few interesting things to talk about, or so I think, I hope to be back more often.

I will be back with a few funny stories of trying to hide the fact that I was nauseated for several weeks from my coworkers. Oh was it ever interesting.

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The Mister said...

Yaaaaaaa hooo hooo hooooIE! CONGRATULATIONS!!! (!)