Monday, September 3, 2012

Gluten Free?

In the past when I heard the term "Gluten-Free," my initial reaction was "eeewwwww... I bet that has no flavor. It must not be good." I'm not sure where those thoughts came from, but I know I loved my homemade breads and pastries. How could one make a delicious anything without flours and sugars? 

Well, it took a little bit but I honestly feel like I've done a 180. Since switching our diet, I have learned that those foods that I LOVED before make me feel sick and sluggish. And that "gross" gluten-free food makes me have energy and feel good. Also? A lot of it tastes AMAZING! 

You do have to be careful though, because just because it is gluten-free, doesn't mean it's Paleo. A lot of g-f items have rice powder or soy which are not Paleo friendly. Is it the worst you could do? Probably not, but I actually prefer those items that don't have anything "extra" in them.

The easiest way to eat g-f treats? Make them! For example, I found an incredible scone recipe that is completely versatile and literally only takes maybe 5 minutes to put the ingredients together. I would say maybe 10 minutes total prep time, 10-15 minutes oven time, and then 10-15 minutes to cool before you enjoy them. So really? Under 10 minutes hands on time to make a delicious and healthy treat? I think it's worth it. There are also websites that offer Paleo snack items and I've even heard of catering companies that will make Paleo food. The times they are a changin'.

I have honestly not ventured into g-f bread making land, but my husband has been begging me to try. So supposing I have time between chasing kiddos and running errands, I'm hoping to try this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Later this week... I'll share that delicious scone recipe! ;)

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