Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm excited!

I am excited because several of my friends and family have become interested in Paleo and many of them are beginning to try it. Since it's something I've become passionate about and it's working so well for us, it really encourages me to see people around me trying it too!

I weigh what I did in High School... HIGH SCHOOL. And I have had 2 babies. Plus, I haven't begun working out yet. These results are simply from changing my diet. AND I'm still losing. 

Speaking of working out... I'm mentioning it here to give myself some accountability. It seems impossible to start working out when I have 2 high energy children and there are no guarantees of getting a moment of free time. I've made excuses and have not had the desire to start... but it's seriously time to lose the extra skin from my last baby (6 months old) and tone up! Not to mention, my hubby keeps challenging me to join him at CrossFit on Saturdays, and I don't want to be embarrassed or cry because I'm so out of shape. ;)

This morning I'm adapting a Better Homes and Garden pancake recipe to make Paleo pancakes. I'll post what I did if they turn out. ;)

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