Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Debate and my not so normal JOB (Part I)

So the Debate Fair was crazy and the Debate disappointing but overall I had a great time. Now I find myself in the background of a lot of pictures looking completely drab! How exciting!


Well, my day started off pretty poorly. I couldn't find any comfortable shoes and I didn't have time to make myself look like a human. I threw on a suit, pulled my hair back, painted on some basic makeup and out the door I went. I had time to stop at Starbucks and grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte which I had high hopes for turning my day around.

Let me preface this next point by saying that it has not rained in Nashville in months. No joke, no lie. It has been dry. Tuesday, debate day, it decided to rain! I like rain but standing/walking/running in a suit and high heels outside in pouring rain is not so fun. I wouldn't recommend it. 

I finally got to downtown Nashville where I parked and my boss picked me up. I was worried that there would be NO parking which was somewhat true. Better safe than sorry I say. (I'll explain why this was a horrible decision later.) After turning around a few times to find the right way to enter, we pulled up to a booth where secret service, police, and event organizers swarmed. The secret service people (who by the way all advertised they were secret service by either their nice suits and spiffed up appearance or the writing on their uniform) had to do a double take at the GW impersonator and before we new it, he was out the door taking pictures with them. 

10 minutes later we found our booth. The impersonators worked the crowd and walked over when they could. I felt completely useless because I didn't know what went where or the order... (If you know me, you know this drove me absolutely insane because I hate being useless.)

5 minutes later I was chasing down the impersonators and heading to local fair trade coffee shop, Bongo Java. The outside was swarming with Obama supporters and paraphernalia. Everyone was doing double takes and taking pictures. One of the ladies we passed was on the phone and said "You'll never guess who I just saw! Sarah Palin is walking down the street!" My mood quickly turned from frustrated to excited and energized. 

Check back for info on the rest of the day, pictures,...


Pamela said...

Sounds like fun, despite the chaos.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

That is the most hilarious picture ever. Love the impersonators! And for the record, I think you look great :)