Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long days are usually a bad thing

Today was a very long day where I accomplished next to nothing. This morning I woke up pretty sick with a sinus infection. I decided I HAD to go to work at least to complete one of my most important tasks and then go home. I made it until noon and was told several times that I needed to go home earlier. Pretty sure my face has blown up like a balloon and my eyes are sinking back into my head. It's really a painful process.

The whole point of going home was to rest, right? Well I tried... and tried... and tried... Could not fall asleep. Took some meds. Ate some soup. Could not fall asleep. Eventually I got up and did some things around the house because it's pointless to rest when you're restless.

I baked a cake for my sort of boss's b-day tomorrow. (No worries... I sanitized everything and washed my hands every 2.2 seconds.) And in the midst of sanitizing the kitchen, prior to the cake baking, our messed up pup decided to pee. And of course it wasn't just in one place. He peed on the floor in several places, on some paper, on my dustpan, on my shoe, on my husband's pant leg. (Yes, he was wearing the pants at the time.) It was just all bad. I keep trying to tell my hubby we can't live like this but he is insistent that we keep this dog.

A little background... We got him from a pound and are 99% sure he was abused. He was also an outdoor dog and has no problem being covered in pee and therefore likes to take opportunities to pee on himself in his crate.

Its really sad. I feel bad for the poor thing. But my patience is wearing thin and I am not home enough to retrain him.

Soon we hope to have a fenced in back yard. I think that will save my life. Well, at least the part about having to clean up after a pup all the time.

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