Sunday, August 15, 2010


You know how you get on a roll with life and things and everything seems to make sense and work... and then you have a crazy week and things get derailed? This was our crazy week. And boy do I feel behind on life! I guess maybe that's a bad outlook to have because crazy weeks happen often, but I just hate when I get things in order and then life takes over. Don't you?

I got into this GREAT habit of cleaning every morning while my babe naps. It's wonderful because every morning I would do the basics, plus tackle a mess that has been waiting for a long time. You know... like under a cabinet or the closet or cleaning the fridge,... It was working great. And once upon a time ALL of my coupons were clipped and folded neatly into my HUGE binder.

Well, I am sad to report that the laundry is piled up, there are dishes in my sink, the fridge is well...let's not go there, and my coupons are all over the guest room.

BUT on the plus side, I got to make 2 cakes and spend A LOT of time hanging out with my little family and friends. Sometimes people are just way more important than always having to keep up with everything. And truth be told, no one can keep up with everything all of the time. And if they say they can, they're lying. No one is perfect. As much as I want to believe that there are real Martha Stewarts out there who do it all without hired help, there just aren't. That's crazy.

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