Saturday, August 7, 2010

Savings Saturday - Sell Stuff you're not using anymore

My husband and I don't really have a lot of stuff. Meaning that we are young and haven't accumulated that much, but we definitely have enough to have a small yard sale or two. In fact, we did one today. I pretty much threw it together. We bummed off some neighbors who already posted signs at the front of our subdivision. I posted some stuff on craigslist to try to draw some people, but I only made one sign and hung it from our mailbox.

We had a lot of smaller items and clothes, and we still did well. Think of it this way... We spend a lot of time not earning money. Even if your sale averages out to $3 an hour, that's more money than you had before and you're getting rid of stuff you don't need/use anymore. AND someone else is going to get use from those things.

Just a side note... say you only make $50. If you coupon and/or shop sales, that money could get you $200+ worth of groceries! Or you could use whatever money you make to pay down a bill so that it ends up costing you less in interest in the long run, thus saving you even more money!

OR.... Use that extra money to treat yourself. I think it is super important to take care of yourself and sometimes, a massage or new hairdo is necessary!

Or you could use it to save for Christmas shopping, a family vacation, make house repairs,... the opportunities are endless.

If you don't want to have a yard sale, list some items on Craigslist or Ebay. Even if they're random items, you just never know what people are looking for!

I sold a brand new set of Faux Wood Blinds today that didn't end up fitting in our window. I never took them back and they've been sitting in our bedroom for almost a year. (I know I know, shame on me. I am just terrible at taking things back.) I actually got close to what I paid for them, because I got such a good deal when I originally purchased them.

Sometimes its hard to get rid of stuff, but I promise that once you start doing it, it will get easier!

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