Friday, March 7, 2008


I love baby-sitting, and I'm not sure that is something that will ever change. Having my own children some day may alter that, but there is something about watching different children that is invigorating. In the midst of having a "big girl job" I can not help but desire to babysit on nights and weekends when I am able. 

Children are so intelligent. Sometimes, I think they are way more intelligent than many adults. Of course they are silly and do silly things, but if you observe them long enough you may see what I am talking about. Not only are children intelligent but they have something most of us are lacking, faith. Think about it... Children have faith that they are going to get food from their parents. They have faith that all their needs will be met; clean clothes, a house,.. Not only that, but they believe in mythical figures like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy or even characters they make up. Their imaginations are vivid and the simplest things excite them. I have not heard of many children that will not choose a box full of peanuts over the toy that came in that box. They find the box fascinating and immediately jump in and pretend it is a swimming pool, rocket ship, or a house. 

They have what I desire most. Although being a kid was fun, what I miss more than anything is that faith, faith in people and faith in Jesus. Somehow within a year or two you begin to lose the faith that fueled so much of your life. As you get older you may continue to "believe" but your faith grows weary. People let you down time and time again and you stop trusting them. It seems the more you try to regain that faith within you, the more you are burned out or drawn away. 

So that is my present journey, to regain my childlike faith. I believe, I love, I serve, I follow... but my faith needs to grow. 

Here is yet another reason why I love children. 

So we're standing in the kitchen and the dog, Kingsley the very beautiful yet large English Bullmastiff, is there with us. She is happy and is waging her tail. So Hillary, being the adorable two year old she is, stands by Kingsley and lets her tail hit her hand. 

Hillary: Kingsley's tail like a drum stick. 
Me: What'd you say Hill?
Hillary: Kingsley's tail is like a drum stick. She wants to hit a drum with her tail. I go get her a drum so she can hit it.

So she proceeds to run into the play room to try to find a drum. Somewhere along the way she got distracted and forgot. Poor Kingsley didn't get to drum with her tail after all. :(

Haha... Hope that makes you smile. :)

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