Thursday, November 20, 2008

Myspace - A little over the top?

Myspace ads are starting to get a little too personal for me and it makes me uncomfortable. I understand that they are probably getting paid big bucks for those advertisements but do they need to sell their user's soul?

I was clicking through Myspace earlier when I noticed a VERY LARGE advertisement that said "Overweight at (insert age here) ? Click here." Yes because since you already know my age and probably way more info about me than you should, I should tell you whether or not I'm overweight? And you're really going to help me if I am?

(Steps off high horse)

Needless to say as much as Facebook annoys me sometimes, I'm quickly switching my loyalties. Myspace will soon be the social network of the past... in my humble opinion. 

* Note: My Myspace is set to private... so much for privacy!


Anna M. said...

More and more, our privacy is becoming currency.

Facebook is nearly the same way -- as soon as became engaged, I got inundated with FB ads for photographers, wedding diets, invitations, favors, everything. It turned out to be useful to me - I found my great Romanian photographer on a Facebook ad. But for others, they may want to share good news without having to see every wedding vendor in 500 mile radius advertise to them.

Google also does this with their targeted ads, but also in sort more "big brother"ish way. While lots of google apps are free, like gmail, docs, and blogger (which I use religiously) big daddy Google records how you use their tools. Not what you email or create, specifically, but things like how often you log on, how many spreadsheets you have, what sort and how many labels you use, stuff like that. they then use this info to make changes to their programs, provide stats to their advertisers, and generally make more money. which i'm cool with, cause google is great. But when the product is not worth spending your privacy - there's a problem.

Lydia said...

I saw that today and it freaked me out!!!