Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Organizing Chaos

I am diving into a new project at work. I've been doing A LOT with the website stuff which is fun to an extent but I am SUPER excited about this one. 

Okay this may be teetering on nerd territory but I am proposing a plan for a book tour to my boss. I get to pick the locations and companies and work with the publisher to make sure the books are in store. I have to prove why we should go to a certain location/area and why it will be beneficial. It's complete chaos... and I love it. 

I thrive off of organizing chaos... seriously. When my apartment is a disaster suddenly struck by a massive tornado, I love spending a day reorganizing it all and seeing it come together bit by bit. When I'm thrown a million different tasks at work, my initial reaction is to stress. Once I get past the stress part, I thrive. Details, details, details. I love them. 


Pamela said...

Don't book him in the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island (who'd go there, anyway?) Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Florida.

He's not real big in those states.

Danae said...

Lol. Surprisingly, even those who despise our president, like the impersonator. What a strange concept. (Not to detract from the fact that he has received a few not so nice comments where people spoke to him as if he was the real thing. I'd share some stories, but they are not blog friendly. I marked my blog as being rated PG or something like that. lol.)