Thursday, November 6, 2008

A sort of contest

I am giving you the opportunity to be the winner of "THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE RECIPE FINDER." Doesn't that sound marvelous? Just kidding... well sort of. I'm trying to find another great chocolate cake recipe that sends me into chocolate comatose. You can check out the details over at my other blog


Pamela said...

I will scan my recipe, and email it to you. And I will win. Because I make the best chocolate cake,

I have the most awesomesauce standard chocolate cake recipe, and the fancyschmancy one. So I will win first place, and second place.

Just trying to catch up to the Chinese in the medal count.

Danae said...

Well you may end up being the ONLY contestant but if it's that good than I will make you some cool flare for you page!