Saturday, July 3, 2010

One of those weeks that leaves a "bad taste in your mouth"

It's been a tough week.

My husband and I have been attending a church for several months now and we are really enjoying it. The pastor and his family are so kind and generous. The sermons are inspired. The people, for the most part, are lovely.

If you know anything about my hubby and I and our quest to find a church where we are both comfortable, you know that it has been long, hard, and seemingly impossible. I am the type to jump in and get involved in a church, but I have been reserved and waiting and praying for God to confirm that this is where we're supposed to be and where He would like me to serve.

I've been attending an incredible women's bible study every Wednesday morning that has been so refreshing and deep, exactly what I've needed.

Well, my "church high" was very short-lived this time as I was shown once again how selfish christians can be. I understand that we are all that way, but it seems to hurt even more when it is done by those who claim to be different. I want so desperately to run and either not go back to church ever again or find a new church....maybe even one where I can just hide for a long time. Unfortunately, and fortunately for that matter, that is not an option. My family is more important than petty issues with people and my family needs to worship in a place where we are all comfortable and can serve. The church as a whole has not done anything to warrant us leaving and I refuse to allow a person to push me away.

So, I must bandage up my wounds the best I can and move on and just pray that I can get past this horrible, painful week.

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Pamela said...

when churches suck, they suck worse than anything. so sorry, friend.