Sunday, July 13, 2008

Children and 18 Children...

So let's face it, Ben and I have been married for 20 months and at this point it is natural for the "kids" conversations to come up. I go through phases where I want nothing else but to be a mother and other phases where I want to wait for a LONG time. We're planning to wait a little longer, of course. Not being with each other for the majority of our marriage puts us behind most couples.

Anyway, the point is that today we had the "how many kids do you want" conversation. Normally, Ben says "I want 2 boys" and I say "I want 3 or more with at least one girl." Well today, Ben said "I want to have as MANY kids as you want to have." So naturally, I said "I want 10." He seemed excited and acted like it would be fun to have 10 kids! I proceeded to clarify saying, "no hunny, not 10." Ben, "I really wouldn't mind having 10 kids."

Because he will probably not recall that conversation tomorrow, I had to put it in writing.


On another note....
Have you heard about the family that has 17 children, with another on the way? They have been featured on the discovery channel and are about to have their own series. Here is an article if you are not familiar with them,

Let me preface by saying I have no problem with someone choosing to have that many children. They must be incredibly patient and energetic! However, I have a few issues with the first paragraph of their "about us" page,

Again, this may not truly reflect the family and what really happened, but it sure does make a statement.

"They were grieved! They were Christians! They were pro-life! They realized that their selfish actions had taken the life of their child."

I am a Christian and I am pro-life, but I have a hard time accepting the fact that they or everyone in the nation who is married and takes birth control, of any form, is selfish because of a miscarriage that may or may not have occurred due to the pill. Some people should not have children or are not ready for children. Whose place is it to judge a motive? Plus some take the pill for other reasons and not having a child happens to be an effect of the situation. I also know people who have had babies, no problem, while on the pill and people who have miscarried without the pill.

The paragraph then goes on to say that because they felt the miscarriage was their fault, they were making up for it by having lots of babies. Unfortunately these things happen. I don't believe a miscarriage is someone's "fault" but something very horrible and sad that can happen. My heart breaks for my friends and loved ones that have gone through a miscarriage or many miscarriages. My heart breaks for those I don't know who have had to deal with one or more. I can not begin to imagine...

I just hope they realize the messages that paragraph is sending.

I think that's all I have to say about that for now.


Pamela said...

Aaahhhh, the old birth control debate. The info the pharmaceuticals give is startlingly incomplete.

I hear (and mostly agree with) what you are saying. I have my veryown opinions of the Duggars (ahem), and watch their specials on Discovery Health like I'm watching a car crash. Mouth gaping, eyes all cringey all the time.

The link below is from a blogger I follow. I think she's super cute, and clever and funny, and I envy her mad Photoshop skills. She addressed the birth control thing in a clear, concise way. Check it out.

Danae Hutchinson said...

She does do a great job of explaining good ole bc. I absolutely hate taking it. I hate medicine in general, but unfortunately I don't really have any other options at this point.