Thursday, July 10, 2008


So although I have technically been married for a year and 2/3, I really only felt married, like the real kind, a few weeks ago. Probably because we were apart for 15 months. At some point you have to realize that your soulmate is not the most perfect human being in the world. They may be the most wonderful to you, but they are just that, human, and because they are human they will undoubtedly mess up. Just as you/I will mess up from time to time. That's really all I have to say about that at this point. 

Speaking of marriage, we changed the wedding date again... I know I know, its like the third time. My mom had a job offer she couldn't refuse that ties her up the weekend of our anniversary/wedding. So we are now planning the wedding for next May in NY. I am slightly hesitant about announcing a specific date because of the way that has gone thus far so when we have set it in stone, I will announce it. K? But I promise we are having one and it will be a huge celebration and a lot of fun! I want to give something back to those who have supported us and loved us through so much.

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Pamela said...

Your mom got a job? That is great! What's the job? What's your story? Let me know!!!