Thursday, July 17, 2008

Language Barriers

It's late and I am exhausted but something inside me is telling me I need to blog. Don't ask me why. Somehow it has become a ritual. Usually these types of blogs, the random ones, are the most entertaining... for me. ;) 

I had a really great night with some of my dearest friends. I met one of them at the mall for pedicures and whatnot, had dinner with some others who are basically my family, and then went over to another friend's house to watch a movie, but we ended up talking for a couple hours instead. I love good friends and good conversations. When you open up to someone you are close to, you show them that you trust them with something that is special to you. That means a lot to me. 

So I have to comment on pedicures for a moment. 

Today, the lady working on my feet wore gloves. She didn't speak but 2 words of English and didn't understand anything I said to her. As I observed the dynamics between her and her co-workers, I noticed some things. I did not know what they were saying to her, but I know she was working really hard and going "the extra mile" to do a good job. She took her time. The gentleman working next to her would constantly look over and say things. Anytime he would say something she would stop doing what she was doing and move on to the next step. Then a lady came over and spoke to her in a harsh tone. 

There is something to be said about language barriers. Although we may not have any idea what someone is actually saying, we all still feel. We feel laughter, pain, and boredom. Not only that, but we all express it through the way we walk, our posture, and our overall body language. The young lady that did a fabulous job on my pedicure was very shy and reserved, but kindhearted. I wanted to get to know her, to converse with her. I wish that I could have. 

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