Thursday, August 14, 2008

A bump in the road

Just when you think everything is going okay, God puts a bump in the road.
Ever had this happen to you?

Well, things were going okay. Ben got a job that he is fairly happy with, I am getting used to working from home, and things were starting to settle down a bit.


We were supposed to get Ben's next to last paycheck deposited in the bank today. Mind you, we have bills in the middle of the month and Ben has a ticket to deal with tomorrow. (Pray that they show mercy on him.) So we are relying on this check. Ben doesn't start work until next Wednesday. Money is low. We're checking the account all day wondering where the money was and why it wasn't in our account. Apparently the army neglected to tell Ben that they like to hold the money for a month after your terminal leave. But at the same time you should have it when you get out. Ben's out date was the 13th so we're confused. Needless to say, SURPRISE, "you don't get the money we told you you'd have." Which of course means we are scrambling to find money ummm no where? It happens. This I know.

So I will probably be impossible to find or get ahold of for the next couple of weeks. I am taking whatever babysitting jobs I possibly can, working countless hours for my two clients, trying to get another interview with the company I want to work for, and trying to keep my apartment in decent shape.

I have to say that although I did naturally freak a bit at first, God quickly distracted me by opening a job that would fit me to the tee. I applied for it and emailed everyone I knew to email. Please keep that in your prayers as well.

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