Friday, August 29, 2008

God and HIS awesomeness

I have been in this no direction, no focus funk lately. It really started to get to me this past week. But after a few people kicked me in the butt, I snapped out of it the best I could. Yesterday I spent time in the word and prayer. I listened to a message from Chip Ingram, an amazing Christian speaker/pastor. You know, one of the ones that God always uses at the right time to shake you up. 

Yesterday was a fairly productive, okay day. This morning was what really baffled me! We finally got a paycheck we've been waiting on for 3 weeks. (Long story) Then, as I was emailing the director of HR at the company I really want to work for, he emailed me saying that he wanted to interview me! 

Moral of the story is... Don't doubt God. Stay grounded in Him or you will fall. And remember that the world is much bigger than your story. You play a very small but important part of a VERY VERY big picture. 

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