Monday, September 1, 2008

I never thought...

I NEVER in a million years thought I would say this, but I'm starting to miss being around the military. AHHH. I know. I really can't believe that came from my mouth. Does anyone have a bar of soap?

But seriously, when Shawn (sort of my big brother at the time) went into the army, I sort of entered that realm of life as well. I eventually became close with "the guys" and met my present husband. Then, while Ben was gone on this tour, I got closer to some of the other military wives. Its a bond we can only share with each other, because we have been there, in each other's shoes and its something we are not able to share with other friends. I think its probably somewhat similar to those who have had a disease or experienced the loss of a loved one. When you go through something that significant, you bond with others in that situation. 

Yes, military wives get a really bad wrap, but I promise we don't all fit the stereotypes.

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