Saturday, September 6, 2008

Married to a soldier - Deployment I

It was March 2007,  just a couple weeks before my birthday when I ventured down to Ft. Benning, GA to spend the week with Ben before he had to leave. I had high expectations. I wanted everything to be perfect, like always. Us madly in love with each other, holding hands, talking with one another, hanging out like best friends, and enjoying each other's company. I didn't want to put any extra undue pressure on him. There was plenty of that already. 

No one told me what would take place that week. No one explained to me just how difficult it would be or warned me about anything. I wish they had.

I arrived at Uchee Creek in Fort Benning with my 3 month old, very sick puppy. Uchee Creek is a campsite on post on the border of Georgia and Alabama. We loved staying there, because it was still close to Ben's unit and yet it was set in the woods. The cabins were equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and were kept very clean. They were also VERY affordable with no taxes. 

I believe Ben met up with me later that day, and I was thrilled to see him. We met with our usual tight embrace followed by a sensational, passionate kiss. I will never forget those moments. We went days and weeks without seeing each other and when we reunited, my heart raced and skipped beats. His hugs... There is nothing in the world like being embraced by a strong soldier. Ben held me so tight and I got lost in his arms. I will never comprehend how I could feel so much love from an embrace. 

We had dinner and everything seemed somewhat normal, or at least we tried to pretend. A big black cloud was slowly creeping over us and we knew it, but we tried our hardest not to let it.

More to come...

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