Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear Mr. Recruiter man

Dear Mr. Recruiter man, 
It has come to my attention that you have not followed through with your end of the bargain. First, you put my husband in a unit that we were very excited about and we were thankful. Then you took it away because you hadn't done your research and there actually wasn't a "slot". After that, you promised to email my husband with a list of other units in the area so that we could move forward and make a decision. We've waited... and waited... and waited... No email. No call. We do have lives and we would like to move on with them. 

Your inconsistency didn't bother me so much until today when I realized that I HAVE to go to the doctor. You see, blacking out or getting REALLY dizzy when working out is NOT a good thing, especially when you have tried every remedy possible. We are supposed to have insurance through the National Guard but because you have not done your job, we don't. And we aren't sure if we have insurance at all which is a VERY VERY bad thing. I understand that we are not your responsibility, I wouldn't want to be. But can you please PuhLEASE call my husband so we can move forward? Hey thanks.

A distressed military wife


Pamela said...

Oh, dear. Don't wait for people to call you. And also, preg checks can be done for about $5.50. No insurance needed, for a while at least.

Danae Hutchinson said...

Hahaha. Well the funny thing is that we don't have a number for the recruiter as he was supposed to put it in the email. This is my hubby's ball park and he insists that there is nothing he can do until the recruiter calls... And I'm 99.9% sure I am not preggers. But for future reference... Where do I get one for $5.50??