Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gas Crisis

Me: So umm there's no gas in Nashville.
Dad: What do you mean?
Me: I mean, we're like out of gas.
Dad: You're kidding right? 
Me: Nope. I just got stuck in traffic because people were lined up for over a mile in the ghetto of Franklin to get gas. 
Dad: *chuckles. Wow.
Me: Yeah, Ben said fights keep breaking out all over downtown Nashville over gas and who was in line first. 

Yeah, so I am completely naive. My husband told me to fill up my car and I didn't listen. After all, I still had about a quarter of a tank and I didn't believe we would ACTUALLY run out of gas. OOPS! Hurricane Ike struck Texas which is where TN gets the majority of their gasoline. So now people are going absolutely crazy because its been nearly a week and we still don't have gas. Not joking... 

I still have a little gas in the car and I am not too concerned because I have the privilege of working from home. Ben has enough to get to work for the next couple days and we're just hoping and praying the stations get gas in soon. 

BUT I would like to know why we don't have a back up plan. You would think there would be... Makes me wonder what else we don't have a back up plan for. Sigh.


Pamela said...

and now it's time to move. because we never run out of gas.
lemon juice? sure. we have no lemon juice.
but western new york? we have gas.

Danae Hutchinson said...

Haha. This is true. I will definitely keep that in mind.