Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I don't really like to talk politics, particularly when I am so frustrated with the situation that I can't really choose a side. I also feel like there is so much crap out there that I can't find the truth. That bothers me too. I have not had a chance to dig for the facts and educate myself. That is so important, now more than ever. Oh yes, I've listened to the news, read articles, and have even searched the alleged "fact" websites that are supposedly unbiased and all truth. I'm sorry, but I don't really buy that. I've read things on those sites that are clearly not true. 

The election is in 40 days and quite frankly, I find myself scared and confused. I know who I am NOT voting for, but I can't, in my own good conscience, vote for another at this point. I also do not want to not vote. Voting is a privilege that I enjoy, and I would not be exercising my right if I didn't vote. I need something profound to happen where I can make a clear decision. This is a big deal. 

Completely off topic, yet positive, I was able to fill my car with gas today and I got a haircut. Yay!


Pamela said...

So, in search of a good, brisk conversation, who are you NOT voting for?

Lydia said...

I feel you on the politics stuff. With all the events of the last week I am just disgusted! Boo! I was looking forward to the debates, but they may be off. I can't believe voting time is coming up so soon. I am praying clarity comes in the next couple weeks.