Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay. Since I prefaced this earlier, I thought I should elaborate slightly. The friend that I referred to in my previous post is fabulous. I admire her so much and really aspire to be like her. Is that creepy? Okay... In the sense that she has babies and is a great mom. She cooks for them and doesn't just get take out every day. She uses cloth diapers and cans her food. She bakes bread and people purchase it from her. So she's not perfect... But she is a great person, mom, wife, and friend. 

AND... she is expecting baby number 4!!! I am so happy for her. 

Her hubby isn't so bad either. ;) He is a sound engineer which gives us plenty to talk about. (One of the few people in western NY that gets music biz lingo.) He works very hard to provide for his growing family! 

Learn more about them by checking out their blogs...

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Pamela said...

No, it's totally not creepy. It could be creepy, however, if you moved next door to me, changed your hub's name to "the Mister", and proceeded to have four babies, naming them Miss O, Wee Man, CutiePieDimpleHead, and Sweets (which is what we are calling The Unborn these days). THAT would be creepy. Oh, and if you cut your hair like mine and had some height reduction...also creepy.

So pretty much you have no worries.

And I am totally flattered. *blushes*