Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Faith in mankind

It has come to my attention that the ability for one to actually do their job and do it right is becoming increasingly rare. We have to rely on a LOT of people for things we need. Everything from physicians being knowledgeable to food getting to our grocery stores. There are a lot of occupations where if one person doesn't do their job right, many people suffer. 

I have had to miss 3 dermatologist appointments because the person who does my referrals for my doctor did not respond to my call (although they are required to call back within 24 hours), did not do the referral, and then did the referral to the wrong doctor. I hate canceling and I have had to do it 3 times! Of course me being the guilt ridden person I am, I feel like crap. I understand that my insurance company is a pain in the rear to deal with and you hate dealing with them, but it is your JOB. There are plenty of other ones out there... 

Also, I have had to manage a lot of projects lately. Meaning I have to make sure everyone else does their job. I never thought it would be THAT difficult to get people to do their jobs. 

I am seriously distraught, distressed, and fed up. I generally have a Theory Y outlook. I think the best of people and trust them. It's getting very difficult to maintain that these days. 

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