Monday, August 25, 2008


Everyone has their own way of dealing with a busy week or a bad day. Mine tends to fluctuate but it usually involves food. Back in high school, I was involved in a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff = A LOT of pressure + No time for me. My senior year was a nightmare because I was about to move far away and mom and I just couldn't connect. 


I am blessed with an amazing friend who was/is very supportive. I don't even remember how we connected really. She was the music director for one of our musicals and taught me voice lessons. Whenever things went really bad, Pamela (not to be confused with the nickname "Pam," she hates that) invited me over for chocolate cake and milk or coffee. If you know her, you already know she is an AMAZING cook and she can make a mean chocolate cake. Our 1 or 2 hour conversations over cake and coffee were fabulous and they always made things better. 

Since then, I crave a good chocolate cake when I've had a rough week. So this weekend, for various reasons, Ben and I threw the diet out the window. I made a chocolate cake and we put a nice dent in it last night. (Okay, actually I put a HUGE dent in it when I dropped it on the counter. GRRRR. But I managed to save half.) I will post the recipe on my other page. It is THE most moist chocolate cake I have found. I also came up with a pretty amazing frosting for it last night as well. 

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