Monday, January 12, 2009

How many times can I use the word "brilliant" in one post?

I would love to give you a brilliant post to read filled with entertainment and wit, but my brain is fried. Today was my first day in my new job and back in an office. It was my first day working in a corporate atmosphere.

There was not one moment in my day where my brain was not being exercised. This was/is probably a good thing but my brain is a bit rusty. Can a brain be rusty? I must be tired. 

Oh, but I did experience one very cool thing today, I mean besides the thrill of my first day at my new job. I went to a bagel shop for lunch and there were several handicapped employees who served me. They were brilliant and made me smile. Those working with them were very happy as well. Kudos to the owner/manager of Bagelworks and Perks for supporting and giving opportunity to those brilliant individuals. No really, they are brilliant and sometimes I think they have a better grasp on life and happiness than I ever will. 

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Runningamuck said...

BRILLIANT!! lol =0)

I'm always excited to discover a new LOST friend. lol. Glad you didn't figure you were too out of the loop to start and watched anyways! We'll have to discuss the episodes and our questions as they come...

I can't wait!