Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me!

It is Monday and for those of you who frequent MckMama's Blog, you know that that means its "Not Me!" day. I've decided to participate this week and if I can think of more than one or two things, maybe I will make it a weekly or every other week occurance...we'll see!

I have decided from now on, I'm going to purchase the Sunday paper and clip coupons. Of course I wouldn't just clip the coupons and throw the rest of the paper in the trash without even glancing at the headlines. Nor would I leave the coupons in a pile without organizing them until 5 minutes before I wanted to go grocery shopping, a week later. And of course I wouldn't only end up using 3 coupons when I have hundreds... Not me!

I did not only purchase groceries that fit into my new nutrition plan so that my husband would have no choice but to eat healthier with me... I would never...

I didn't forget to lock the file cabinets that are filled with very confidential, personal information at work after being told that that is one of the most important tasks I need to complete each and every day.

I would never yell very mean things at my husband for waking me up when he got home at 5 in the morning after only falling asleep 3 hours earlier. Nor would I outright blame him for my recent inability to fall asleep. I promise, my subconscious can get horrible while I'm sleeping.

If you want to participate or check out the rules, go to MckMama's Blog and link up!


Pamela said...

of course that wasn't you doing any of those things.

Danae said...

Haha.. NEVER!