Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Happy Tales

You know how most normal people like most puppies? The cute perfect little ones that are plump and healthy? Some feel sorry for the runts, but most choose one of the others in the litter because they are generally strong and healthy. 

Well, we here at our home LOVE puppies but we don't go for the typical "cute perfect" ones, we like the special ones. 

I picked our first little pup from Happy Tales Humane. We had been looking for months and months because well hubby was going to Iraq for 15 months and I needed something to cuddle and keep me company. Humans just don't always do the trick. I walked into Happy Tales on a weekday which is usually slim pickins in the pup department, but when I walked in, this little black pup covered in white flakes wagged her entire body when she saw me. She was darling and picked me. I took her home with me that day. 

What I didn't know at that time was that she was sick, very sick. To make a long story short, I went through heck doing everything I could to keep her alive and try to find a vet that would help. All the vets except one told me to put her down. Bear in mind this is about a month after my husband left. I was not about to give up. After a lot of prayer and the vet that actually cared even giving up, I decided to pull her off her 5 meds and see what happened. She is now one of the healthiest, happiest, most stubborn (where could she possibly have picked that up) pups I've ever seen.*

And the new project??? We were at the puppy park one day when our pup noticed another that looked just like her! (The dog pound is right next to the park and they walk the pound dogs by the park area.) Hubby and I went in and he fell in love with the dog. I was hesitant at first, but agreed to start feeding pup 1 a much less expensive brand of food so we could afford the new one. He's my husband's dog so of course he would pick a name like Jackson. (Hubby has a Civil War obsession.)

Jackson is very "special." He was 9 months when we got him and had clearly been abused. Jack was scared to death of Hubby when we first got him and is still skittish at times. He DOES NOT like men. AT ALL. In fact, if cowering or running away weren't enough, when he gets scared he pees. It is a lovely habit that I usually always have to clean up. This makes training and discipline nearly impossible. BLAH! But like with Rudi, I am determined to make this work. He CAN and WILL be trained. It....just...takes...time.... And such is life. 

* Happy Tales had no idea she was that sick. In fact, because of my situation, they agreed to pay all of her medical bills and medicines. They are AMAZING! 

P.S. I have Jury Duty Monday which will likely initiate some great stories. (At least I hope because I will need to stay entertained somehow.)

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