Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Season

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the music and decorations, the joy and laughter. It's a time where people give what they can to those they love and care about. 

What do you like about Christmas? 

I have a feeling this year will be a little more difficult for many in our country. With the unemployment rate slowly rising and the economy falling money is tight, but there are ways to get around it and still enjoy the season. I find that giving is a great way to enjoy yourself and what you have.

Some ideas...
1. Volunteer someplace. A soup kitchen, a nursing home, a pregnancy center, an orphanage. Pick something you might like. (Hospitals even need people to hold babies.)

2. Help a neighbor or friend. Someone you know have a new little one or just seem overwhelmed? Cook them a meal or offer to do dishes. Again, you can choose how you help and it's not bad if its something you enjoy.

3. Say something kind to someone. When things get really bad and a stranger takes the time to say hello and smile at me, it changes my entire mood, seriously.

4. Be Creative. Make something with your hands for someone else. Even if all you can do is a card, it will mean a lot to someone!

5. Enjoy yourself. Forget about the messy house or the drama at work for 10 minutes. Curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit in the quiet or with calming music.

I hope some of these ideas help! If you have any others, please share!

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Lydia said...

I love my Christmas tree. It is full of old ornaments from family members, new ornaments from since we got married, and even a few we hand made when we were just kids. Looking at that tree lets me really feel the joy of the season.