Friday, December 5, 2008

Cold lonely nights

My hubby got promoted which is very exciting. But it also means new hours. And new hours stink especially when they involve him working 9-5. No not 9-5 like most people work, 9 pm - 5 am. I really wouldn't complain except one becomes accustomed to sleeping with another warm body and when that other body isn't there, it gets very lonely. 

I can't help it really... 15 months of no warm body sleeping next to me should have been more than enough for our entire marriage... But alas that is not the case. 

On the positive side, I'm SO proud of my man. He works way too hard and is amazing. Of course, I'm partial to him.

And because I needed to add a piece of randomness, here are our pups.

Rudi... a.k.a. Bear, Toots, Rudi Bear, Miss. Toots and every other combination you can imagine.

Jackson... a.k.a. Jack... We keep it simple with him.

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