Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Survived 24 hours in a car, no computer, and a non-stop eating frenzy

I'm hungry all the time, my stomach is beginning to hang out my pants, and my clothes are fitting tight. 4 days of the family pumping sugar and all sorts of amazing foods full of saturated fat in my belly via my veins mouth, no wonder. My stomach has stretched so much that I get hungry 20 minutes after a large meal. Gotta love the holidays! 

Short aside... Is this what its like when you're preggers? Because I do not know how I will be able to control my eating if I can't even do it for a few days during the holidays. (P.S. I am not preggers)

Starting January 2nd, I will be back at Curves working off the 3 10 pounds I gained in one week. PLUS losing extra, I hope, to get in shape for the wedding celebration in May. My goals are to shed 15 pounds and tone my arms and belly although I refuse to call it a "New Years Resolution." Slap those 3 words in front of any sort of goal and I am bound to fail. 

I also survived my 4 days without a computer. I THOUGHT I would miss it, but quite honestly I didn't. In those 96 hours, the computer only crossed my mind twice. I even made my mom look something up for me to avoid breaching the commitment I made to myself. And so life does go on without a computer, believe it or not! (I was skeptical ;) )


Pamela said...

No, that's not what pregnancy has been like for me, any of the timeses. But one thing I *do* know is that you have to have a plan for eating the instant you find out you're pregnant. If you don't, you'll end up looking like a beached whale, as I did during my first pregnancy. I gained two dump trucks-full of weight, and it took two years to get rid of it.

Lydia said...

As a preggo I can tell you the eating thing can be a challenge! I have gained more than I should, but am trying to do better. Luckily now that I have gotten big I am craving veggies like crazy! You will do awesome when your time comes!