Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hanging over my head

There are tasks on my list that I simply do not want to do, ever. If I could just pay someone to do these tasks for me, it would make me VERY happy and probably eliminate 20-50% of the stress in my life. (Not to say that I wouldn't find something else to stress about.)

These tasks include but are not limited to paying bills (except loans*), taxes (the word alone is enough to make my insides quiver), health insurance, returning purchased items, anything DMV or County Clerk related, and having to speak to customer service people because something went wrong. 

I like customer service people. I admire them because I could NEVER be one, but the thought of actually having to deal with an issue that was not the customer service person's fault is a problem. If the said customer service person can not help me, I'm likely to get mad and take it out on them even though I know its not their fault. This probably makes me a bad person, but it often works in getting me to a manager, or a manager's manager, or even higher. 

I avoid these tasks at all costs until it is either absolutely necessary or I realize they will only continue to linger if I don't fix them. It's really bad. Am I the only one that does this?

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