Sunday, December 7, 2008

Save the Date Cards - Need Advice!

Background story...
I always dreamed that my wedding would be fairly large, a huge celebration with all those I love and care about. I wanted to publicly express my love for my soul-mate. I wanted to share this time in our lives with people. It was and is really important to me. 

When the news came that his deployment was bumped 9 months earlier than I expected, I was devastated and confused. After much prayer, we decided to go ahead and have a small wedding and then have a big celebration when he returned from the 15 month deployment. 

Well, he is back from the deployment and the planning is on!

The Question...
Our situation is different, obviously. We're already married and we're doing the whole shabang publicly. We're having a wedding ceremony... (I am trying to convince hubby to write his own vows so that its a little more personalized/different but we'll see.)...and then of course the big reception party! 

So the Question??? 

How do I say the part about the "union," "wedding," "marriage"? 

Ours will be slightly different from this but most do something like...

Save the Date
Insert Date Here
Jack and Jill
are getting married/ tying the knot/are getting hitched 

Formal invitation to follow

What do you think? 

The Save the Date card is fairly formal.


Jenn said...

You can call it a renewal of vows - "Join us as we renew our vows" or "as we celebrate our marriage"...

Pamela said...

I would skip the whole save the date nonsense. Seriously. How much money is that going to cost you? And really, people will come without them. 'Them' being the cards. At almost 50 cents per card, just to mail them, plus whatever they cost, plus the time and effort to design/print/use your nice handwriting to address them? Skip. It.

You could probably get three manicures or spend the night at a nice b&b, you know, doing it with your husband instead.

Doing it sounds way funner than deciding about cards. I recommend you do it.

Danae said...

But I like details like this. And with many of our guests coming out of town, I feel like it's appropriate. I didn't spend much on the cards or photos at all and I've already addressed the envelopes. Passes time when I'm babysitting and the kids are in bed!