Monday, December 8, 2008

So I'm not perfect

Bear with me for a moment please... 
Do you ever have that little voice in your head that tells you you are going to mess something up? That the mistake may be minor but a minor mistake will still ruin your entire project? 

Going into the printing of the Save the Date Cards I had this overwhelming feeling I was going to mess something up. I checked the grammar and spelling, got outside input and advice, and played with the thing for hours. I perfected the font and the spacing and size of each line. I printed 20 or so practice pages just to try to get it right. 

Once everything was to my satisfaction and I checked it 10 more times, I clicked the print button. And clicked it and clicked it and clicked it. One or 2 at a time just to make sure they fed through the printer just right. Crooked Save the Date Cards would just not be acceptable. So here I am very satisfied with them. I loved the elegance and the cool idea I had for them. (Which maybe I'll share later.)

I go on to take care of the pups, get ready for bed, yada yada... An hour goes by. I climb into bed only to find that my hubby is across the entire bed and I had but a small corner. I pushed and pushed and eventually weaseled my way in enough where I might be able to sleep. 

Laying in bed about to fall asleep, my heart skipped a beat. OKAY it skipped several beats. Did I...? Did I...? I had to run and see. I knew it meant I may lose my spot on the bed but I just couldn't sleep without checking. 


Yep... I put the wrong year on 60 Save the Date Cards. I was too tired and upset with myself to cry. But oh did I want to cry. 

I got on twitter and asked the advice of my fellow twitterers. They all were very supportive and helpful! I really like the ideas I received and who knows? Maybe these cards needed a little creative touch. As much as I strive towards perfection (another blog for another time), I am not perfect. But I am creative. And as minute as a Save the Date Card is in the scheme of things, it'd still be kinda cool for it to reflect me a little more. 

And so people may look at it and go "I bet she messed up and that's why that looks that way" but I don't mind because like the rest of the world, I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. 

Saying it out loud makes me feel so much better. I make mistakes. I'm not perfect.


Being a perfectionist is really overwhelming sometimes. I don't wish that on anyone.

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The Mister said...

Forty of the recipients won't notice, eighteen will and won't care, two (on the outside) will ever say anything.