Monday, December 1, 2008

Wedding Drama - I know it will work out

My hubby and I are having our "big wedding" in May and the details were finally falling into place. I took a trip to NY and nailed down much of the celebration. Well,... the original reception location people were very rude and EVERYONE in western, NY has their reception there so I went to a small country resort that was affordable. The lady was super nice and promised if I booked the date within the month I would lock into my prices. I called her to tell her I was going to mail the deposit as long as they held up their end when she informed me that they no longer could. Their new menus and prices are coming out in a month. It's not a large venue and the guests would probably have to be squeezed in tight but I was willing to make that sacrifice for the location, nice lady who helped me, and the food. Now I can either A wait until January and check out their new menu and prices, B go with the original plan and deal with mean lady, or C start from scratch and be super stressed. Not to mention the fact that my Save the Date Cards are almost nearly ready to go out and I don't even know that we can have a reception... Advice? A, B, or C? Is there an alternative? I would prefer to not do it in the Firehall. I want something nice, beautiful, affordable, and fun. Is that possible?



Pamela said...

Dude. Do you need some help? I happen to know a super capable gal who happens to live in the area.

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I say keep looking. If there are things you don't love about your wedding, they are going to drive you insane. Look at some random places like state parks in the area or at B&B's in the area. Don't worry that the location isn't nailed down for the save the dates. You don't have to put the location on the save the dates unless it is really far from where most people will be coming from.