Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cookie Time!

I still remember standing on a stool in the kitchen stirring the cookie dough and watching my mom. Cracking eggs was my favorite part and at the ripe age of 5 I wasn't too shabby at it. I guess I didn't think much about Christmas cookies back then, but this was a tradition I was going to keep and hopefully pass on to my children some day. 

Well, I sort of took the tradition to the max and I go all out these days! 15+ types of cookies, candies, fudge,... Mmmmm. I like to get started early and have all my ingredients by December 1st. Unfortunately that did not happen this year. I'm beginning the process today!

First things first!

Spend some time looking at your cookbooks and if you're not happy with the cookie recipes, get a new one. I really like "Grandma's Christmas Recipes." I don't think I have disliked any recipe I've tried. (I just tried to find it and I don't see it for sale anymore. It's a Publications International, Ltd. book in case you would like to research further.)

BRING STICKY NOTES WITH YOU! Use one color for those cookies you definitely want to make and another color for the ones you may like to make. I left my sticky notes on after last year and it makes it so much easier to find the cookies I want to make. Just make sure that you take the sticky off the page if you decide you don't like it or don't EVER want to make that particular cookie EVER again. 

I'm doing a cookie crash course this morning. Choosing most my recipes, straightening up the house, sanitizing the kitchen, and purchasing the ingredients I can afford. I have a friend coming over to join me in the insanity so I think I'll get some of my cut outs out of the way!

Check back for more tips and recipes!

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